It has been suspected for quite a while that families who are originally from Somalia, have their daughters circumcised abroad. But there were no hard data. But now, a middleman and a 'cutter' in Nairobi speak openly about this practice. A meeting with 'the Angel of Death of the clitoris'.

By H.S Barre and Manja Ressler

It is late August  2019 when a Dutch-Somali mother arrives at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. Leaving Terminal 1A, she wears a dark-blue dress and a black jilbaab, a scarf that covers a greater part of head and shoulders than the better known hijab. She drags along two carts with suitcases and some bags. Three little girls in the ages of five, seven and ten hold on tight to her. The oldest wears a bright purple hijab, the two younger girls are dressed in brown.