Forget about airplanes, in the future we'll travel by hyperloop

The stakes are high, expectations are high: companies see the transport of the future in the hyperloop. These two scientists aren’t so optimistic. "I’ll eat a tractor if there ever is a commercially viable hyperloop."

Help! My body doesn’t respond to exercise

Physical inactivity has become a pandemic but there is an obvious solution: the need to exercise. Scientific research, however, suggests that there is no definite guarantee that your body will get a boost from a training program. What’s the trouble?

The Monsanto Papers, Part 2 — Attack against a scientist

Monsanto is using strategies to interfere with science, influence the regulatory process and orchestrate PR campaigns to defend their products.

Do pro cyclists really profit from altitude camp?

The increased production of red blood cells at higher altitudes helps professional cyclist’s get into optimal shape. Or does it?

How to deal with conspiracy media in the digital era?

This theoretical study presents a way to recognize the difference between the use of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in the context of social responsibility of media and how to deal with the so-called ‘conspiracy media.’

Europol’s Child Abuse Image Geolocated In Ukraine. A Forgotten Story Hidden Behind A Landscape

How volunteers, with the support of open source professionals, worked together to link images of child sexual abuse with a “child modelling studio” in Ukraine.

Your designer kitchen may have cost the manufacturer his life

Synthetic quartz countertops, white or colored, are in fashion and make the fortune of their manufacturers. But in the factories that produce them, many workers fall ill, or even die