reportage & investigation

National tests show we eat insect poison

European citizens continue to eat and drink the insect poison believed by scientists to cause damage to children’s brains.

‘Vacation’ in Kenya – circumcision of Dutch-born girls abroad

It has been suspected for quite a while that families who are originally from Somalia, have their daughters circumcised abroad. But there were no hard data. But now, a middleman and a 'cutter' in Nairobi speak openly about this practice. A meeting with 'the Angel of Death of the clitoris'.

Picking off the labels. The story of Eileen Weir

She knows how to make coffee, boxes, eyeglasses and cigarettes. But most of all, she knows how to make peace.

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 5. Mafia’s Accountants, Double Game

An older, distinguished gentleman entered the inexpensive Vienna cafe of the Donau-City business district. Although all the tables were occupied, he came directly to me. This men knew everything about me, even things I had forgotten long ago.

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 4. Attorney General

“Friends of mine said you were interested in who is buying the timber. They asked me to contact you. I didn’t think you be interested, it won't lead you anywhere.”

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 3. Advocate. The Scheme Summarized

A young man was taking an evening stroll in the center London. For his age, he was incredibly successful. Significant achievements in sports, businesses in different countries, studying at the prestigious London College of Business Management.

Kings of the Ukrainian Forest 2. Criminal Authority

A powerful explosion occurred outside of a small, old village near Lviv.