It’s a man’s world: Sexual harassment

Colossal hi-tech companies such as Apple and Google have been accused from time to time of propagating a sexist working environment that favours sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Racism does not exist in Turkey, because ‘everyone is Turkish’

On May 31st in Ankara, 20-year-old Kurdish Turk, Barış Çakan, was stabbed to death by a group of Turkish ultra-nationalists. The victim is said to have listened to Kurdish music or, in another version of the events, asked the men to turn down their own music.

#BlackLivesMatter, edition NL. Why, as a black newcomer, I don't know whether to cry, or cheer

In the Netherlands, one camp denies the existence of racism in its entirety, while another camp pressures people to attend anti-racism demonstrations. Black people aren’t helped by either extreme.

My career as an international blood smuggler

For years, Kathleen McLaughlin smuggled American plasma every time she entered China, home to the world’s largest and deadliest blood debacle. She had no other choice.

Prisoners of the fourth floor

A large – and growing – group of elderly in Poland haven’t left their homes for years for one simple reason – the multi storey buildings they live in have no elevators. The fourth floor is reached by hardly anyone or anything.

S17: Victims of the Interior Ministry’s mood

They are neither prisoners nor free people. Their lives are hostage to the moods of security forces who might stop them on public roads and “sentence” them by suspending their rights indefinitely.

Ryanair, Amazon, Ikea: even if it’s too soon to rejoice

The consumer asks for ‘progressively better’ services and products, but wants them at prices which are lower and lower. Is real change possible?