Voluntary Tourism. Who really benefits from it?

How "voluntourism" can potentially be harmful, with major consequences for the local people, while reinforcing the West's self-view of superiority.

The anthracite export scheme

There is a zero-duty tariff for anthracite in the EU, due to the fact that EU countries don’t mine enough of it to protect the market.

‘They can’t put themselves in our shoes.’ A visit to Turkish textile factories

In a tweet that went viral, Kurdish girls are taunted. A visit to a Turkish textile factory, where the girls, often underage, react to the messages. A story about discrimination of Kurds and women in Turkey, working conditions in Turkey's textile businesses, and the huge income gap.

The unfinished stories of Jan Kuciak

In 2018, Slovak investigative journalist Jan Kuciak was murdered by a single bullet. His fiancée, Martina, was killed alongside him. His colleagues decided to press on and publish the unfinished stories to honor his memory and expose wrongdoing.

Is a pandemic a war?

Lidija Zelovic compares the currents situation to the situation in her homeland Yugoslavia. “I try not to get angry when I hear, ‘I refuse to stay home for a virus in such nice weather.’”

Through Europe’s flyover states. A road for the East

Two journalists went to Poland to speak with those ‘populist’ leaders to find out why they are so successful. This story leads the readers through the poorest regions of Europe where support for conservative leaders is strong.


The Romanian Constantin Naidin started work at a shipyard in Papenburg in 2012, where they built some of the world’s biggest cruise liners. Only when the foreman started to hit some of his colleagues and friends did he carefully start asking some questions, and was fired.