Pope caught up in Argentine paedophile priest scandal

or the first time an Argentine judge has told Mediapart and TV documentary Cash Investigation that a direct attempt was made by the church to influence his views ahead of the priest’s appeal hearing

Sex abuse scandal in French Catholic Church

The French Catholic Church has for years protected priests and others under its authority who were accused of sexual assaults, and paedophile crimes in particular.

We, terror-helpers

With every attack, journalists let themselves be used by the assailants. Just like their readers and viewers. But why?

Attention! These images no longer have an emotional impact on you: the victim is stupid, hypocritical, vicious and slutty

Regardless wether we are talking about the tragic death of a child in a car crash, sexual abuse or natural disasters, Romanians have someone to blame – the victim.

Propaganda War in Europe: The Far-Right Media

This investigation outlines in detail, and for the first time, the strategies that far-right parties use to seize control of the media and influence public opinion. The Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) is a model for Germany’s far-right and the rest of Europe.

I’m going for an HIV

In Russia, with every hour that passes, ten people are contaminated with HIV infection. Less than half of them receive treatment in Russia.

Viktor Orbán’s reckless football obsession

The Hungarian prime minister has been lavishing public money on his favourite sport for years. Could it be his undoing?