In 2017, Ryanair finally recognized the pilots' union. Good news, but the real question is why we consumers have agreed to fly with this company, if they did not recognize workers' rights?

Prime rivincite del lavoro degno

By Francesco Riccardi

The really striking news was not so much that Ryanair finally recognized the pilots’ trade union and agreed to negotiate with them after 32 years, but the fact that Ryanair has been able to operate in European Union and dozens of other modern nations without repercussions.  For more than three decades, Ryanair failed to recognize the pilots’ union as an eligible counterparty and did not apply for, as legally required, national contracts for employees based in Italy. Ryanair instead used their own conditions, which are clearly less favorable in economic terms with regard to sickness pay or salary and even deny elementary trade union rights, including anti-strike threats.