Four years after war broke out in Ukraine, the separatists have opened six “embassies.” None of them are recognized.

By Anna Myroniuk

Since the outbreak of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine in 2014, the Kremlin-backed, so-called Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has undertaken several steps to assert its claim to statehood. As Coda has reported, that effort has included cultivating  relationships with European politicians. In 2016, we profiled the DPR’s “honorary consul” to the Czech Republic.

Since then, the effort to open embassies has advanced considerably, and six “representation centers” now exist in five European countries.

The Czech Republic, Greece, France, Finland, and Italy now have DPR representation centers and in May, authorities in the DRP announced plans to open several more, with Austria, Belgium, Serbia, Germany, Norway and Turkey as potential locations.