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How do you select your stories?

This is what we look for when searching for new articles:

International perspective

Readers in the Western world usually receive information about international news and events from a North American or European worldview. 360 enriches this viewpoint and delves deeper, allowing reporters worldwide to speak for themselves. This often reveals other compelling views and angles that broaden the reader's perspective.

Diversity and connectedness

Political movements, economic systems and natural disasters have global impact. But despite global flows of digital information, high-caliber stories too often remain within national borders. Barriers such as language and payment walls can also prevent otherwise excellent journalism from being widely accessible.

360’s selection offers an insight into events, visions and characters from all over the world. We cover a wide variety of topics so that we can keep surprising our readers, including  solid, riveting stories that will engage the reader in contrast to what is sometimes depressing world news.


As competition increases, it is more difficult for news organizations to invest time and money in strong, exclusive stories; while the demand for analysis, interpretation and background articles remains as great as ever.

By republishing quality articles from international media, forces can be joined internationally. Naturally, both the author and publisher are rewarded for their work, giving more room to invest in quality journalism.


As a result of limited freedom of the press, digital fragmentation and contemporary phenomena such as fake news, the most important function of journalism is constantly under pressure. It is thus all the more important to make the work of reputable, knowledgeable authors available in all societies as widely as possible. We also accommodate marginalized voices and, for example, publish articles by journalists from censored areas.


We believe that looking at a story from different angles is the best way for readers to form an opinion about a phenomenon or event. That is why we as editors remain impartial, selecting stories that are well-founded and well-researched, or take a surprising approach. We are aware of the power of the media and are not tempted by hyped topics and clickbait potential.

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On buying stories on 360storybank

What is included in the prices quoted on the website?

Buying an article on 360storybank gives you the right to publish the article to your audience.

The price is also including the commission for 360storybank and transitions costs and excluding VAT.

How do I translate the article?

360storybank can translate the article for you or you can translate the article yourself. If you want 360storybank to arrange the translations, the costs for the translation will depend on the length of the article and will be added to the price.

After I have bought and translated the article, what do I need to keep in mind when publishing the article?

In the publication, please specify the original author and publisher. We will provide you with the terms and conditions of the selling party.

How will you assure the article will not be published by competing media in my language area or country?

In the default terms and conditions for selling the articles is included the seller will make sure not to sell the same article to competing media. For specific requests related to exclusivity, please specify this in the buying request and we will work together with the original publisher to cater to your request.

Can I publish a revised version of an article on 360storybank?

Please specify this in the buying request. Together with the original publisher, we will explore the possibilities.

On selling stories on 360storybank

How much do I pay to sell on 360storybank?

You only pay for the sales you make: we charge 35% commission and transition costs on the selling price.

How are prices set on 360storybank?

The prices for licensing fees are determined by the selling party, based on a license for publishing the specific article, exclusively with respect to publishers competing with the buying party, i.e. publishing in the same language and geographical region as the buying party.

How to receive notice on eventual sales? How can we see it?

We will get in touch with you about the details and specific requests from the buying party. We will suggest a default set of terms and conditions, however you and the buyer can make exceptions to such by mutual agreement. After you become a member, you will have your own Wallet, in which you can see the overview of your sales.

Where/when will be the money be transferred?

In your wallet, you will find an option to cash-out your sales.