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360storybank is a new home for journalists and readers all over the world, 360 degrees. It creates a platform for great international reads on a wide range of subjects, making such available to a large audience, translated in English. It offers a lifeline to journalists and independent publishers, as the bank creates an extra possibility to reach readers directly.

Through this medium, reporters can send us their stories, and be compensated. Readers, in turn, can access pure, high quality journalism from all over the world, from newspapers and magazines they were never able to read due to language barriers and paywalls.

Last but not least, 360 storybank creates an extra resource for publishers to discover high quality journalism outside their own borders. After you become a member of our free Publisher Portal, you can upload a selection of stories for reprint, or find topics of interest to feature in your own publication. We offer translation services if needed.


With this pilot we want to stimulate quality, international journalism--which in this era of fake news, limited free press, and digital fragmentation is more valuable than ever.

We seek to prove that there is a market for the international exchange of quality journalism, and want to explore the possibility of increasing its value.

During our pilot we will gather as much information as possible to create an alpha version of our storybank. We work closely together with journalistic organizations like European Press Prize, RFG Magazine in Amsterdam and True Story Award in Bern.

How we work

360storybank belongs to journalists and independent publishers. We created it and we run it. Apart from a small fee to cover our running costs, the yield is for the authors or publishers themselves.

Individual readers can select an article of their choice and either pay per article or become a paid member via subscription. Through our collaboration with Feather, we ensure that the proceeds are distributed among all involved parties: journalist, media organization, translators.

Through our Publisher Portal, media organizations can buy and sell news and background stories. Journalists can also upload their best articles themselves for publication. The seller sets a base price. We work with an auto-translation tool so buyers can get a good idea of the style and topic of an article.

Our mission

As the competition for attention increases, it is harder for news organizations to invest time and money in high-caliber, exclusive stories. There is however continued demand for analysis, interpretation and background articles. To enable journalists and editors to meet this demand, we want to make it easier to publish their work.

Moreover, in spite of global flows of digital information, many important stories often remain contained within national boundaries. Many of these are compelling to readers in other parts of the world. We have the resources and ability to search for these stories, making the best available to a wide audience.

Our team

Katrien Gottlieb has worked as both an editor and journalist and is the founding and chief editor of 360 Magazine, which selects and translates the best of the international press into Dutch. She worked for many years as a correspondent in Mexico for Dutch newspapers and radio stations. She regularly participates as a member of the jury at international journalism festivals and has a broad international network in this field.

Laura Weeda has worked as an editor, translator and writer for among others: 360 Magazine, Blendle and De Correspondent. She is fortunate to be able to work remotely and lived in Indonesia for a few years. The last two years she has been developing a digital strategy for 360 Magazine, collecting articles from all over the world for the Dutch market. Doing so, she built a broad network of international media organizations.

Katalysis is our website developer and the creator of Feather.